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Accounting. Taxes. Domiciliation.

Concentrate on your core business. We take care of the rest.
Accounting services
$ 64.900.- + IVA
Suitable for entrepreneurs who want to leave accounting in the hands of experts and concentrate on their core business.
Services included
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Contact within 24 hrs.
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Customized and Expert Accountant
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Digital signature for documents
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ContabiliDigitalized Accountingdad DigitalizadaDigitalized Accounting
Tax return
$ 300.000.- + IVA
Ideal if you want your tax return to be done by specialists so you can focus on your core business.
Services included
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Contact within 24 hrs.
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Determination of Equity
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Declaration form 22
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Affidavit 1924
Domicile service
$ 20.000.- + IVA
Essential monthly service to comply with tax and legal obligations, as well as to facilitate communication with the authorities.
Services included
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Tax domicile for one year
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Municipal patent management
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Receipt of correspondence
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Forwarding of incoming mail

Accounting services in Chile

Leave accounting in the hands of experts and take care of your business
You run your business and we take care of the accounting. With our services you save time, avoid follow-up costs and can concentrate on your core business.
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We are a Swiss company established in Chile, with local staff and international experience. We have incorporated many companies and advised hundreds of entrepreneurs.
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Thanks to our web platform, you will be able to contact us quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our customer service process, we will call you back within 24hrs.
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Integral services and Findea will accompany you towards professional independence. We support you before, during and after the foundation of the company.
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Friendly advice
We provide the complete service to incorporate your company in one day and we also provide accounting advice and tax domicile so that you can successfully start your business.
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Each one of our packages at the moment of starting your business in one day, gives you a free consultancy, so you can start creating your business.
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Personalized consulting
Our price includes a 1 hour personalized consultancy covering all legal aspects of your business. We would be pleased to advise you.
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We plan your business
We are the only ones in Chile that assist you in starting your business and then help you plan your business, all in one place.
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Focus on your business
With us you can start a business faster than if you try it on your own. Why is that? Because we free you from bureaucracy.
Focus on daily work

Why outsource accounting?

Hand over your bookkeeping to a competent fiduciary. Our specialists take care of the bookkeeping and deliver the financial figures you need in a timely manner.
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It's so easy to outsource your accounting with Findea

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You can use the form provided to inform us of your intentions. We will contact you shortly to clarify your doubts.
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Select the desired plan
When making your request, you can specify the chart of accounts you want. However, this can still be adjusted during the consultation.
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Book a consultation
As soon as we receive your request, we will contact you to arrange an appointment with our consultants.
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Take care of your business
Since you entrust your accounting to Findea's specialists, you will have much more time to dedicate to your business, your employees and your family.
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Accounting outsourcing: 6 arguments

Many entrepreneurs and freelancers assume that filing accounting is only worthwhile for large, established entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, this is not true. Especially start-ups and SMEs are heavily burdened by the effort and costs of internal bookkeeping. Below you will find three arguments for submitting your bookkeeping.

1. Doing your own bookkeeping is a resource drain.

If you're an accounting layperson or a self-taught bookkeeper, you'll quickly realize that in-house accounting can become a real time-eater. Sure, you're missing the routine. As a result, you or your employees have to spend a lot of time constantly familiarizing yourselves with complex financial and tax issues.

2. There are dangers in internal accounting

Based on our observations, self-taught booking can be inefficient and also harbors dangers. Posting errors, missing receipts or lack of procedural documentation can lead to high fines if the tax office investigates.

3. Increased salary costs for qualified personnel.

Proper record keeping and documentation requirements can mean increased salaries for in-house accountants. Finding good professional staff is not only difficult, but can also be very expensive. Especially when you are a young company, hiring new staff can quickly become a financial challenge.

4. No licenses to use accounting software

Young entrepreneurs often forget that hiring their own accountant is not only about salary costs, but also about creating a suitable workplace. The accounting software must meet the requirements of the in-house accountant and licenses for regular use are required.

5. Not having a background in accounting

Your in-house accountant must always be up to date with the latest case law. To do this, you will need to budget for additional education and training costs. You also need to budget for the cost of educational materials.

6. Accounting costs are transparent and plannable.

The biggest advantage of outsourced accounting is the simplicity of monthly budgeting of your costs. With our accounting packages we offer a tailor-made offer for every need.

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Accounting for transactions (financial accounting)

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Accounting for revenues and expenses

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Payroll processing (payroll accounting)

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Preparation of monthly and annual financial statements

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Accounting for accounts receivable or payable

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Completion of tax returns

Doing business well accompanied

Our services to get you off to a successful start

A complete multidisciplinary team will advise you in the creation of your company in one day, so that you can start it with harmony and professionalism.

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