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Marco Cuevas
General Manager
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Belén Diaz
General Accountant
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Miguel Angel Saez
General Accountant
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Amalia Gallegos
Bilingual Secretary
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Geraldine Cuevas
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We are passionate about helping SMEs and entrepreneurs in Chile

We help young entrepreneurs to start their own business and take care of the administrative hassle.
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We are a comprehensive consulting firm for small and medium-sized companies.

The idea of LanzateSolo.cl is to always accompany the entrepreneur and the businessman from the beginning. To provide commercial, legal, accounting and tax support, to help them in the creation of their business, as well as in the different stages of growth and development of their company.

We want to see our entrepreneurs grow, to see their businesses become great companies. To give them solid foundations from the beginning, to make tangible and profitable an idea that probably started only with the desire to grow and work.

Our team is trained to provide the best attention and advice to entrepreneurs, not only in terms of technical knowledge, but also in terms of human quality and personalized attention that we offer. This helps our entrepreneurs not only to turn to us for the formalization of their business, but also to find in us all the help they need to make their lives easier and optimize their operation throughout their development as great entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to passionately help young companies, entrepreneurs and SMEs in creating their companies, either by the traditional form of incorporation or by the system of your company in a day, providing the best advice from professionals.

We believe that anyone can be his or her own boss, if things are done in the right and informed way. That's why we support young entrepreneurs on their way to success with practical advice. With us, your business will be on the right track and you won't run into problems along the way. Start well accompanied.

We want to help in the creation of the company accompanying the entrepreneur at all times, then we educate him on the subject and advise on what he wants and what he needs through a network of services that will be of vital importance to achieve the success of the company. The services we offer at LanzateSolo.cl will relieve the new entrepreneur allowing him to dedicate himself to his business. We are motivated by the experiences we have learned: Where there is a will, there is a way and we want to transmit that way to you.

Our story begins in Winterthur, Switzerland in 2005, where STARTUPS.CH was founded, having currently more than 18 branches in different locations in Switzerland. STARTUPS.CH , therefore belongs to the Swiss holding Nexus Group (www.nexus-group.com).

Since 2012, Lanzatesolo.cl, is the first branch outside Switzerland, delivering the same service with the quality and efficiency that characterizes our company in Europe. We are the living example of an enterprise that today transcends borders, Chile being the first port in Latin America.

We offer commercial, legal, accounting and tax advisory services, as well as other services such as tax domiciles, business models, cash flows, trademark registration, among others. We also offer educational workshops for entrepreneurs and companies in development or just starting up. In Switzerland, we also have a prize called Swiss Startups Awards that rewards the best business ideas.

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