Integral services for SMEs in Chile
Our experts will help you create and manage your business. Start your business in good company !
Accounting Services
from $ 64,900 + VAT/mth
(we also have annual plans)
Tax domicile
from $ 20.000 + IVA/mth
(we also have annual plans)
Tax return
from $ 300.000.- + IVA
(Determination of Net Taxable Income Inc.)
Business incorporation
from $ 39.000.- + VAT
(instead of $ 69,000.-)
Empresa en un día
Business incorporation
from $ 170.000.- + VAT
(instead of $ 200.000.-)
Metodo tradicional
Legal Services
from $ 15.000.- +VAT
(more than 42 services)
Doing business well accompanied

Integral services for SMEs in Chile

In addition to accounting, we can support you in various activities. From the creation of the company to the tax declaration. Let a multidisciplinary team of experts advise you.
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"The direct and personal exchange with our customers is important to us."
Marco Cuevas, General Manager of

Integral services for SMEs and Entrepreneurs in Chile

The idea of is to always accompany the entrepreneur and the businessman from the beginning. To provide commercial, legal, accounting and tax support, to help them in the creation of their business, as well as in the different stages of growth and development of their company.

We want to see our entrepreneurs grow, to see their businesses become great companies. To give them solid foundations from the beginning, to make tangible and profitable an idea that probably started only with the desire to grow and work.

Our team is trained to provide the best care and advice to entrepreneurs, not only in terms of technical knowledge, but also in terms of human quality and personalized attention we offer. This helps our entrepreneurs not only to turn to us for the formalization of their business, but also to find in us all the help they need to make their lives easier and optimize their operation throughout their development as great entrepreneurs.

Business creation at an affordable price

Our mission is to passionately help young companies, entrepreneurs and SMEs in creating their companies, either by the traditional form of incorporation or by the system of your company in a day, providing the best advice from professionals.

We believe that anyone can be his or her own boss, if things are done in the right and informed way. That's why we support young entrepreneurs on their way to success with practical advice. With us, your business will be on the right track and you won't run into problems along the way. Start well accompanied.

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Creating a Limited Liability Company
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Create a Corporation
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Create a joint stock company (SpA)
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Create a Commercial Limited Partnership
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Create a Limited Partnership
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Create Individual Limited Liability Company (EIRL)

Thinking about starting a business?

Tasks like naming the company and creating a logo are obvious, but what about the less heralded but equally important steps? Whether it's determining the structure of the company or coming up with a detailed marketing strategy, the workload can quickly pile up. Instead of spinning your head and guessing where to start, follow this 10-step checklist to transform your business from a light bulb over your head to a real entity.

You want to make sure you prepare thoroughly before launching a business, but know that things are almost certain to go awry. To run a successful business, you have to adapt to changing situations.
An important part of developing a business plan is conducting in-depth market research about your field and the demographics of your potential clientele. This involves conducting surveys, holding focus groups, and researching public and SEO data.
Before you start selling your product or service, you have to build your brand and get a following that is ready to jump in when you open your doors for business.

Setting up a business as a secondary activity

Do start-ups work day and night on their company? Do founders build great companies? You read stories like this more often than not. It has little to do with the truth.In fact, hundreds of thousands of people start companies every year as a sideline.In plain language, this means that founders of start-ups first start with a few hours a week. For the most part, they continue to earn their money as employees. They want to try something. But without going straight to full risk.Translated with (free version)

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Advice on setting up a business

In Lanzatesolo we advise you through professional experts in each of the areas! Before and during your business. Thanks to our online appointment booking, you can book appointments for a consultation with us 24 hours a day. Simple and convenient. If you wish, we are also available via Skype call with or without video. Otherwise, visit us!

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