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We are a Swiss company established in Chile, with local staff and international experience. We have incorporated many companies and advised hundreds of entrepreneurs.
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Thanks to our web platform, you will be able to contact us quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our customer service process, we will call you back within 24hrs.
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Integral services and Findea will accompany you towards professional independence. We support you before, during and after the foundation of the company.
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Friendly advice
We provide the complete service to incorporate your company in one day and we also provide accounting advice and tax domicile so that you can successfully start your business.
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Each one of our packages at the moment of starting your business in one day, gives you a free consultancy, so you can start creating your business.
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Personalized consulting
Our price includes a 1 hour personalized consultancy covering all legal aspects of your business. We would be pleased to advise you.
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We plan your business
We are the only ones in Chile that assist you in starting your business and then help you plan your business, all in one place.
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Focus on your business
With us you can start a business faster than if you try it on your own. Why is that? Because we free you from bureaucracy.