VAT obligations and fiscal representation in Switzerland

You may become liable to VAT if you are realising sales in Switzerland as a foreign company, If this is the case, Swiss legislation demands fiscal representation in Switzerland. This is can be done through the granting of domicile to the company by a representative resident in Switzerland.

Correctly registering for VAT and declaring the arranged fiscal representation are of central importance for avoiding later issues with the tax office. It will also significantly accelerate the entire registration process and import of goods from abroad. The fiscal representation needed to enjoy these benefits can be provided by our trustees. You will be able to draw on our vast expertise and make your own decision on how much support you require from us with this complex topic.

Our experienced specialists can support you with the following tasks:

  • Checking whether you will have VAT obligations
  • Requesting all relevant documents
  • Granting domicile
  • Creating VAT invoices
  • Documentation of the invoicing system
  • Arranging for the recovery of paid input tax